Clutter vs. Memories


After emptying out my cupboards for a remodeling project, I have begin to put back all the stuff I thought to be so necessary in my life. However, I don’t seem to have the room for them and with my husband standing close by questioning the need or use for most of them, I’m having to make choices. “To keep or not to keep.” (sorry Shakespeare) Almost every one of my pieces have memories attached. So the boxes that have the “take to the children or grandchildren” or “take to Salvation Army” have been emptied and filled back up several times.

So now I’m thinking that maybe just writing about the memories — the when, why, and what for– that brought these items into my life, or cupboards and shelves might be the solution. They can be put in to a “memory cupboard” or journal and it would take up lots less space.

It’s done — I didn’t write the journal, instead, I kissed my treasures good-by and gave the memories a hug. Those ” old friends” will hang around, God willing.


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