About Us

We are four sisters who have lived through divorce, death of loved ones and every conceivable loss. We have a shared bond of love, conversation and laughter that has sustained us. This page reflects that shared love, for each other and of the power of words to help us cope, heal and grow. We have made our share of mistakes and have tried to always learn and grow from them. Our conversations have been crucial because we know, that like Life, we can’t leave everything to chance, that some things must be sought with passion and pursued with diligence. We use conversations to pull together our common threads and to weave lives that give us warmth, beauty and comfort.

We know that words help us build relationships, that relationships define who we are and what our lives mean. We want to share some of the words, quotes and conversations that have given us a life line, been a love line and helped us find the balance and get the bounce.