How To Deal With Stress in Your Life

Every day we deal with stress and frustration. It never ends. It never goes away. It hovers around you just waiting to attack. I have days where the stress is endless.

I have been thinking of ways to avoid, evade, or just ignore stress and frustration. I call this escaping from the real world. That is not easy to do. So what do you have to do to live with these two culprits? You need to have a plan of options to bring into action. Use self talk, take deep breathes, leave the room, go outside, hop on the treadmill or my favorite go read a book. You need to step back from stress and frustration to see if it is really that important to deal with. Then you need to laugh, even if you don’t feel like it. Now, maybe you can face the stress. Stress is hard to live with. It makes your day seem long and unfruitful. Nothing is accomplished, you get frustrated and then everything you say or do is wrong. Doctors will tell you stress effects your health. So stressing out will shorten your life. What happens when you get angry with yourself, you find excuses to blame it on someone else or whatever is handy. Anger can turn your words into weapons. I have tried jumping up and down, that didn’t work. I tried having a fit, that made everybody angry. So I gave up, decided I needed a plan. You should always have a plan A and a plan B.  I am still working on plan A. Everything is trial and error.

I am now working on the following:
Step One: if at all possible, leave the area. If you can’t leave, try to find a place where you can be alone. Think about the stress causing problem. What can you do to deal with it.
Step Two: My favorite-go to your room and a read a book. Remove your mind from the arena of stress.
Step Three: Write down ten blessings that are in your life. Say a prayer for patience and endurance. Instead of talking, write your feelings in a journal. Be grateful for what you have.
Step Four: Take two tylenol for your headache, sit in your favorite chair, put your feet up, turn on the cd player with your favorite songs, and sing along with the music.
Step Five: Realize that whatever is causing you to stress out can be solved eventually. Time does not have to be a deciding factor for your decisions. If you can put off your problem to another day or time, do it. As long as your problem is not important and it can be shelved, do it.
Step Six: Pack a bag and think of someplace you would like to visit. Just the action of packing a bag helps to calm you down. Take a day trip to the museum or art gallery. Decisions made in a hurry have a tendency to stay around longer. It is best to delay your actions if you have any doubts.

It is a known fact that stress and frustration robs you of your energy. It causes a multitude of health problems, such as high blood pressure, depression, and heart problems, just to name a few. It is necessary that you prioritize your problems, especially those that cause the most stress. Everything changes and nothing is permanent in life, even our troubles. You need to see your problem for what it is. Take care of yourself so you can help or deal with everyday life. Stress will always be with us. You have to deal with it to the best of your ability. Let it go if you can. Don’t let stress rule your life or make your life miserable. Only you can do what is best for you. Try to stay strong and remember “this too shall pass.”

Have you heard the saying “practice what you preach?” I’m working on it. I need to remember that my thoughts will affect my behavior and decisions and I need to think before I act or say anything in defense of whatever I need to defend.   I love the serenity prayer because it helps you to accept the things you cannot change and to change the way you look at things.

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  1. Like this one, especially the packing a bag. Also, remembering to not let stress rule our lives and that “this too shall pass.” Your steps were really insightful and great action tools.

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