Decisions – Decisions – What to Do.

Every day I have decisions to make, problems to solve — Should I or shouldn’t I? If I make the wrong decision, what will happen? Do I need to take about it. or get a different perspective? Some decisions I make each day are part of my habit. I choose to have coffee before I start my day. I call them comfort decisions … makes me happy… don’t have to really think about consequences. Then there are those decisions that require a lot of thought — like “what if” or “what happens”. Sometimes I have to sleep on it, but most of the time I don’t get much sleep. I call these decisions extremely overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. It helps if I can talk about it to my spouse or family or to God.

Putting off decisions can be burdensome. It causes stress and sometimes the solution is not the right one and then I have consequences to deal with. Every decision has a consequence but, even if it is wrong, I will have learned a lesson. You deal with your problem to the best of your ability and then let it go. What has been done is done so make the best of it. Remember what is past is past, you can’t redo it or make it turn out differently. But if I learned a lesson, then I don’t feel so bad. A positive attitude is needed for most major decisions, we all want to make the right decisions for problems that seem to come up unexpectedly so be positive and see if that will help you.

Most decisions I make today are usually spur of the moment. I don’t take time to think about the problem, but go on a hunch, intuition or just because. Frequently it turns out OK. At this stage of my life, I really don’t or need to make major decisions. So I pray about it and turn it over to God.

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