Springtime brings renewable energy

i must have flowersWhat is it about springtime? Could it be because winter is over and it is time to clean house. My Mother believed in spring cleaning: walls had to washed; windows had to sparkle, furniture and curtains cleaned and floors waxed. I personally did not like spring cleaning, but it was a spring ritual that had to be done and there was absolutely no way I could get out of it! But when you stop to think about it, there is an energy in getting the house in order, to plant flowers, to get a vegetable garden started and to watch the leaves on the trees burst forth.  There just no doubt about it, springtime does bring us energy. It’s time to get all those chores that we didn’t do in the winter finished and put away. There is something about sunshine that makes me want to do something, but just not spring cleaning. Mother nature has so much beauty in spring time that is impossible to ignore. The blossoms and the colors, and the sunshine is there for everyone to enjoy. Take time for a day trip, go see those beautiful wild flowers.

One thought on “Springtime brings renewable energy

  1. I’m so glad you did not make us do spring cleaning. But our house was always clean and tidy 😉 That’s my story…… I love your spring energy. I bet all your flowers are so beautiful, I will be there to see them soon! Love all you amazing women.

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