Beauty is everywhere, Look for it.

Brushes in jarWhen you look at the clouds, trees, flowers, and even the vegetables growing in your garden, you see colors and forms. Beauty is everywhere; just open your eyes. We all see art with different thoughts as to what it is, but the colors draw us to really look and study the picture. Growing up I use to doodle or sketch all the time. I wanted to be a dress designer and was always sketching clothes. Going to college to study art was out of the question, but when I retired from work I had a list of things to do before I die. Number One was to take art lessons — I loved it! for many reasons. It was a stress reducer; my imagination took over; it opened doors into another world.  I really started to look into the corner of a painting to find a path leading to the meaning of the picture, but more than any thing, it let my imagination take over. It’s so fulfilling to see my efforts evolve into something meaningful. My mother always told me “it is never too late to try anything”, so never give up on your dreams.

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