Why I love Abraham Lincoln

Personally, I love Abraham Lincoln because even the most basic outline of his life shows how great he was; because he remained true to himself despite enormous pressures; because although he was born poor; he never let wealth rule him; because he worked so hard to educate himself; because he loved to read and used words so powerfully they inspire us today; because he showed empathy and compassion to those who suffered, and suffered with them; because despite his wife’s emotional frailty, he always treated her with love and respect; because he was a loving and accepting father; because he never diminished other people, including Southerners, even though they belittled and ridiculed him; because he saw himself and Life with wry humor and honesty; because he could laugh at himself; because he used humor to survive heart-wrenching sorrow; because he was deeply spiritual but not judgmental; because he could see clearly, understand intuitively and love deeply; because his spirit inspired so many, and in some way I can’t explain, I see our own father in him.


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