When the holidays are over, now what?

When the holidays are over, the decorations put away, the leftovers are gone,and the holiday spirit has left the building – you get that let down and melancholy feeling . You feel out of sorts. What can you do about it ? Well, I have always found that staying busy is one way to overcome the holiday blahs. Play some boogie woogie music, hey-dance to the beat, go shopping, call your sisters or friends. My favorite is going to Barnes and Noble to get a book to read or dvd to watch (something funny) and sit in the Starbucks drinking a skinny vanilla latte. If you really want to help the holiday blahs, call your children, tell them “I love you”.
Finding something to do when you are feeling out of sorts is a positive action against a negative feeling. When you change directions of your thoughts or feelings, you can overcome those holiday blahs. Sometimes it is shifting your priorities to make the best of your holidays.
I’m thinking about leaving my Christmas decorations up this year. The way time is flying by, the holidays will be here before I know it and I will be decorated.
I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed New Year.

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