You say I am your rock

You say I am your rock:
Someone you can count on, lean on.
Like a mountain, use me
To inspire, to escape, to be there.

Sometimes I feel like a rock: igneous
Raw, new, uncontrollable
Hot, molten emotions explode from my core
Scalding, searing, on fire.

Sometimes I feel like a rock: metamorphic
Changed by Life’s experiences
Pressured, re-formed, slowly evolving.
Like marble, I can be sculpted, chipped, cut,
But remain myself.

Sometimes I feel like a rock: sedimentary
My life is layered with experiences and emotions
piled on over the years.
Colored by pain, joy, love and tears.
Shaped by forces seemingly beyond my control.

They say rocks and stars are made of the same stuff.
I hope when I am no longer your rock
I can be your light.

Loretta Richardson Hicks

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