As I reflect back on just these past few months, I remember the words spoken by my Mother saying that time flies by faster the older you get. It’s just that so much seems to happen to more people we know and love and little time to absorb the meanings and implications that have impacted their life and perhaps, my life. Time goes on, when we really need for time to stop… just for a little bit… just so we may grieve for those we lost, feel deep happiness for the new birth of a child, and empathize for those who are feeling both mental and/or physical pain. But, time goes on .. work has to be done, the bills have to be paid, and we are caught up in the daily duties of life and those events that have changed us may be not felt for some time.

Time… we say that it heals feeling of loss or it heals wounds, and it heals relationships But does it? We either need more of it or wish it would go away. But, we are stuck with it… Time

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